When Signing Up

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T. Webb
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When Signing Up

Post by T. Webb » Mon May 14, 2018 7:10 pm

Thank you for considering joining the Kehillat Yeshua discussion board.

The main intention of this board is to be a place for discussion and online fellowship for members of the Kehillat Yeshua messianic congregation in Western North Carolina. Preference will be given to members for access to the discussion board and consideration may or may not be given to non-members.

When registering, enter the email address for which you can normally be contacted at. For the username, please abide by one of the following naming conventions:
  1. Use the first letter of your first name and your full last name. ex J. Smith
  2. Use your full first name and the first initial of your last name. ex John S.
  3. Use your full first and last names. ex John Smith
Failure to use the above naming convention could result in your username being involuntarily changed, your account placed on moderation, or the deletion and blocking of your account.

Conducting Yourself
This discussion board is to be used for the further education and fellowship of it's members. You will conduct yourself in a civil manner. You will not:
  1. Degrade any other discussion board member
  2. Engage in any form of hate speech including by not limited to racist speech and/or ethnic denigration
Non-Sanctioned/Non-approved Promotions
Links and or promotions for any other ministry or website is strictly forbidden without first getting the approval from the Zekanim of Kehillat Yeshua. Posting non-approved links or promotions of any kind could result in your account being moderated and deleted/blocked. It is the sole discretion of the board of Kehillat Yeshua as to what will be approved or not approved. Past approval does not indicate or imply future approval.

All Rights Reserved
Kehillat Yeshua and administration and moderators of this discussion board reserve all rights to the content and administering of this discussion board. We reserve the right to:
  1. Admit or not admit anyone for any reason at any time
  2. To change the postings of anyone for any reason at any time
  3. To delete and/or block the account of anyone for any reason at any time

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